Trans Empowerment Project is a gender inclusive organization that is aimed at identifying and creating necessary resources to further the empowerment and progression of the Transgender community across the US.

Our founder, Jack Knoxville, started navigating the coming out process as a transman in Knoxville, TN. To his surprise, there seemed to be a lot of people, also in the area, who didn’t identify as a part of the binary. Yet for some reason, many people were isolated and struggling to find access to resources they needed to live as their authentic selves.

After talking to his cis-friends, he realized there was an equally large number of cis people that wanted to help the community. Jack decided it was time the two communities met face to face and enlisted the help of a few friends. The group decided to hold the first clothing swap for Trans Empowerment Project on Dec. 10th, 2016.

After just 3 weeks of planning, the new group was able to successfully organize a clothing drive and give away totally free clothing items, (including shoes and accessories) to over 100 people across Knoxville.

Since that time, we have gone on to do the following, with so much more to come:

Held additional clothing swaps, created a quarterly Trans 101 educational series, partnered with numerous organizations to effect positive change through panel discussions, speaking events, and rallies. We proudly participated in our first Pride event, sponsored the Gather for Gavin rally in support of Trans Activist Gavin Grimm. Hosted the Trans Day of Remembrance in Downtown Knoxville, TN and most recently created an independent network of safe homes for displaced youth and young adults.

The group focuses on education, community & resource development, Youth advocacy, general empowerment, and increasing Trans visibility everywhere.

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