Project Partners


Trans Empowerment Project is a gender inclusive non-profit organization who encourages and welcomes Project Partners from all organizations, groups, agencies and individuals who publicly endorse the organization’s mission, goals, and values.

Partner benefits/responsibilities include the following:

  • Becoming a Community Project Partner Connects you with other organizations and professionals working with the transgender community.
  • You will have a larger more targeted platform to promote your own work through Trans Empowerment Project meetings, trainings, website, and other communication channels.
  • Have access to new resources as they are developed
  • Have the opportunity to connect with other Trans Empowerment Project partners to work on your own projects and events.
  • Receive invitation to participate in exclusive networking events.
  • Receive event promotion on various Trans Empowerment Project’s social media channel(s)
  • Be provided priority access to events for tabling opportunities.
  • Participate in the development of a statewide political, advocacy and grassroots strategy which defines and promotes Transgender Equality & Inclusivity at the individual, community, and state levels.
  • Improve the quality of life for transgender individuals locally.
  • Participate in shared research projects.
  • Receive our exclusive project partner monthly email.
  • Agree to be listed on promotional and campaign materials as a sponsor
  • Agree to participate in Trans Empowerment Project events
  • Agree to share organizational events.
  • Agree to receive communication from the organization.
  • Agree to provide Trans Empowerment Project with your logo for promotion on our website.

To become a project partner with one of our ongoing projects please complete this form.