The Clothing Swap Project

Clothing Swaps

Trans Empowerment Project’s growth is dependent on the networks and communities we grow from the seeds we are planting nationwide.


It started with a clothing swap in 2016

Every year, Trans Empowerment Project and our partners host clothing swaps, in an attempt to address one of the largest needs these communities have; access to gender affirming clothing that allows folks to express themselves and thereby take ownership of their own identities.

As we have begun to scale up our work, we’ve asked folks in other cities to join us in hosting clothing swaps of their own. We think it’s important that each chapter begin this way, because our founder’s theory of change is based on the belief that we already have what we need, within our communities, we just need to organize ourselves and our allies so that we can be the providers of our own liberation as we work together to smash the cis-tem.

Your gender should NOT be a barrier to a safe existence.

By starting with a clothing swap, we invite others in to help solve the first of many problems, experienced by trans and gender non-conforming individuals. 

Clothing is a resource that many people are happy to exchange or get rid of. Clothing is something that gets old or loses its luster to us, but may be appreciated someone else. 

By rounding up clothing from friends across local areas, we’ve found a way to open the door to conversation and community.

Hosting a clothing swap is vital for our growth.

Clothing swap host(s) who commit to hosting their 2nd swap, will receive an exclusive invitation to join us as a new chapter.

New chapters of Trans Empowerment Project:

  • Commit to hosting 2 swaps annually; once in March (Trans Visibility) and again in November (Trans Awareness)
  • Create and manage community needs and resources for their local area
  • Get plugged into national campaigns designed to create awareness around attacks on trans & gender non-conforming individuals lives, as well as getting plugged in around the progress being made for these communities while also learning how to protect themselves protect themselves and their communities.

Six volunteers pose together and smile to celebrate the success of their clothing swap, held in Detroit, Michigan in March 2019 


TEP-Detroit doing their thing during their 2nd clothing swap which was held in March, 2019.


Interested in learning more about hosting your own clothing swap?